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Member Info

**Sorry, we are not currently taking additional members for the 2011 season.**

Voodoo membership is by invitation only. To join, you must be invited by a current member and approved by the board. If you have been invited to join, please see the information below regarding membership. For more information, contact us via e-mail at info@kreweofvoodoo.com .

Member must provide their own throws (beads, moon pies, etc.)

Current members will be given first priority on ride availability.

Members must be in full costume to ride the float. Full costume means dressing in your mardi gras attire from head to toe. Wearing a necklace and Mardi Gras hat with your everyday clothes does not constitute a costume.
If your costume is not up to par you will have to be a walker and will not be allowed to ride on the float.

Spots on the float fill up fast so get your RSVP in early for parades. Seniority will be taken into consideration should the float become filled. All newer members will have to switch out between walking and riding the float to give everyone a chance to ride.
However, walking can actually be more fun than riding because you get to interact with the crowd much more.


We are required to have walkers or spotters (at least 4) for the parade. If you are a current member and know someone who would like to volunteer to be a spotter (no membership is required), please contact us.
Spotters get to interact with the crowd and have as much fun with the Mardi Gras experience without the added costs of membership, costume requirements, and throws.
You can still throw out beads, etc and even hand out some of the handmade voodoo dolls if you'd like.